Manufacturing and supply of innovative temperature-controlled solutions

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Cold storage solutions with Dawsongroup’s design and service led approach as standard. A product offered with the Dawson stamp of quality approval.

  • Internal range from -70°C to +45°C
  • Available for hire or purchase
  • Single or Modular coldstores
  • Ambient operating range up to +50°C
Explore the range

Inflatable, flexible and portable cold storage with innovation and durability at heart. A unique solution to the worlds cold chain problems.

  • Internal range from +2°C to +15°C
  • Unique inflatable design
  • Available in variety of sizes
  • Easy to install and re-install

We are Dawsongroup global

First established as a road haulier in 1935 by A.E.H Dawson, Dawsongroup has grown over the last 85 years to become the UK’s largest independently owned asset rental business. Remaining a 100% family owned the business, it has evolved into a multinational enterprise providing innovative and exceptional products that make up the backbone of the supply chain. With over 35 years experience in cold storage solutions, the global branch of the group has brought together cold storage design expertise with the knowledge of how to provide and manage assets for businesses. Our range of POLAR°STORE cold rooms takes a standard product and turns it into a quality service-led offering for your business. Whilst our TEMPºSTORE™ inflatable portable cold storage solution marks a unique innovation in climate-controlled solutions.

Private sector applications

Our products are used throughout the supply chain and in many sectors. Here you can see a handful of key private sectors and how we help them with their unique challenges.


We are a leading provider of pharma spec cold storage, available with our POLAR°STORE™ range.

Wholesale & Logistics

Providing flexible cold storage solutions that allow you to meet demand on time.

Meat industry

Red meat or poultry. Our cold storage meets the specific requirements needed for your meat type.


We supply cold storage products across the sector to maintain freshness of your product.

Hospitality & Catering

From short to long term demands, we can assist your business maximise it’s process flow.

Food & Retail

Supplying large-scale food and retail businesses with the necessary flexibility to optimise their supply chain.


Our units can be used to ensure the correct testing environment is used on components, a key part in developing products.


From shoreside to processing, we understand that ensuring the correct storage is vital for you fish.


Giving dairy products the necessary climate for ensuring longevity.

Public sector applications

Our products are also being developed and used within the public sector and NGO. See how Dawsongroup global can help with your specific sector.

Disaster Relief

Dawsongroup global have worked with the UNHRD in providing their emergency cold stores for the global humanitarian aid and disaster relief sector.


We provide assets across healthcare sectors in the EU. Could your country’s healthcare system benefit from our services?

Research & Development

Dawsongroup has built a reputation within the research and development industry, due to our wide range of available cold storage solutions.

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