Frequently Asked Questions about our cold storage solutions

Have a look at some of our questions, below. If you can’t find the answer to something you are looking for, please do not hesitate to email us, ring us (0345 0344 144), or WhatsApp us.

Our POLAR°STORE™ products are manufactured according to with ISO 9001 standards and are Lloyds Registered. Please ask us if you like to see the manufacturers certificates.

Our TEMPºSTORE™ range of inflatable cold stores and ambient structures are made with premium grade, fire-retardant architectural textiles in all our structures. We use Précontraint Serge Ferrari composite textiles which are widely regarded as the best in the industry. These textiles are manufactured from a high-tenacity polyester micro-yarn base cloth which is coated with a high-performance polymer surface layer whilst the warp and weft fibres are tensioned.

We only offer our POLAR°STORE™ products for hire. These are made from ISO frame shipping containers which allows us to use multiple storage facilities across the world. This means we can deliver and collect our units from your premises. Our maintenance and breakdown service would be covered by our extensive supplier network.

This depends on availability at that specific time. We are constantly reviewing our build program, but rest assured any rental unit will be delivered to a certain standard. We would not allow for a customer to rent a unit that would not perform to standard. Some units may look slightly more worn, but the bodywork is kept repaired to ensure the unit keeps the integral temperature.

This is one of the best things about hiring from us, if you change your mind and need a cold store, larger cold store, or modular cold store we can replace these on your current contract for you. We can ultimately match our products to suit your business’s needs.

If you hire a product from us we arrange everything to ensure the units arrive at your location. 

If you purchase from us a POLAR°STORE™ unit or TEMPºSTORE™ unit then the responsibility of shipping falls with you the customer. We can still arrange shipping for a small admin fee and the total would be added to the sales invoice.

Our inflatable structures are maintained at high pressures to ensure the rigidity of the unit. However, there will be a very small amount of air leakage however the inflation units are designed to kick in to maintain the air quantity. Depending on temperature this machine can kick in from every 30 seconds for 2/3 seconds.

No, not immediately. They are designed to hold the air and structure for a period. Our smaller TEMPºSTORE™ 10 can stay inflated without power for nearly 90 minutes.

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