AID & DISASTER RELIEF cold storage

Humanitarian Cold Storage

With the number of people that need access to emergency aid rapidly increasing year by year, and the rising number of natural disasters attributed to global warming, the demand for emergency cold storage within the humanitarian and disaster relief sector is increasing.

Working with the UNHRD (part of WFP), Dawsongroup global has manufactured an innovative solution for providing emergency cold storage. Our TEMPºSTORE™ 10 rapid-deploy inflatable cold store solution is flexible and easy to deploy wherever needed. It can also be shipped anywhere in the world at a moment’s notice and deployed in harsh, remote, off-grid locations.

Whether you are and NGO, NPO, government organisation or end user, our products can be employed for the storage of a range of products, including vaccines, medicines, food or general storage. Alternatively, they can be stored in preparation for any event and easily deployed when needed, then stored when no longer required, providing you with flexibility when it comes to meeting the flow of demand.

Selling points

  • Deployed in under 60 minutes
  • Interior temperature range of +2°C to +15°C
  • Ambient operating ceiling of +50°C
  • Can be connected to mains, generator or solar power
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