FISHING Industry cold storage

Cold Storage For Fishers

Businesses that operate in the fishing industry can use Dawsongroup global’s temperature controlled storage solutions because they can be assured of our products working effectively, ensuring stock integrity. All our units are serviced and maintained and come with 5-year warranty, giving you peace of mind over your critical fish stocks. 

From standard cold rooms to superfreezing, we have the correct temperature range for your product. Our blast freezer units can reach -40°C and with our latest POLARºSTORE™ SuperFreezer, we can reach temperatures as low as -65°C, perfect for locking-in freshness for high-quality tuna.

With our extensive service network, when you rent or purchase a cold store from Dawsongroup global we can offer more than just an asset. That is why we are the UK’s largest independent asset rental business, because we care for our customers.

Selling points

  • Temperature range of -65°C up to +45°C
  • Chilling and blast freezer units available
  • Easy to clean with 4 drain holes on interior
  • Available in 10ft, 20ft and 40ft High Cube sizes
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