Consulting on cold storage solutions for a mass roll out of a COVID-19 vaccine

By Dawsongroup

In early 2020, Dawsongroup | global was approached to become an industry contributor to a fast track research programme, led by the University of Birmingham. The research is assessing global cold chain capabilities for deploying a COVID-19 vaccine

Internationally recognised clean-cold chain expert, Toby Peters, Professor at both the University of Birmingham and Herriott Watt University is leading a team of academic researchers and industry collaborators to identify current capacity and potential cold chain solutions for a global rollout of a COVID-19 vaccine.

The overall study is focused on assessing requirements and simulating the best options for creating sustainable temperature-controlled supply-chains for health and medical supplies in epidemics and natural disasters. The first major study by Centre for Environment Education will take place in India and then Rwanda to assess the preparedness for COVID 19 immunisation programmes. 

The extensive research incorporates a number of complementary work programmes including identifying global case studies for different levels of vaccine cold-chain capability, building on existing technical databases and identifying potential global challenges faced at rollout. 

Professor Toby Peters, said:

“Our work will enable formulation of new strategies, sustainable technology choices and recommendations for policy-makers and other stakeholders to not only address the mass vaccination for COVID-19 with the cold chain capacity required, but also for the country to be prepared for future emergency or disasters where a clean cold chain will be needed. We are working with industry collaborators to assess how this could include harnessing synergistic temperature management services/sustainable cooling technologies relative to the country’s needs rather than new-build cold-chains.”

With more than 35 years experience providing temperature controlled solutions around the world Dawsongroup | global is able to offer in-depth operational knowledge and consultancy on rapid deployment options, rental assets for cold chain logistics and the different types of equipment available.

Charles Dawson, International Development Director at Dawsongroup | global, said:

“The aim of the research is to better understand what the cold chain needs to look like and from that define volume and types of equipment required. Our TEMPºSTORE™ temporary structure offers immense flexibility and innovative thinking and the Polar°store products provide a solution that can be sourced at cost-effective volume and are relatively easy to transport. This is about taking a holistic approach though and looking at a complete solution and we are really pleased to contribute in any way we can to such vital research.”

Data collected will help with the development of national vaccine and health logistics action plans, understanding delivery and large-scale Implementation requirements and support the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals of good health and well-being, affordable and clean energy, industry, innovation and infrastructure, sustainable cities and communities and reduced inequalities.

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