POLARºSTORE™ delivers rapid expansion of cold storage capacity for French Pharma logistics firm

By Dawsongroup

To rapidly expand the cold storage capabilities of a pharmaceutical logistics firm in France, Dawsongroup’s European business, Modulfroid, has been able to quickly deliver brand new POLARºSTORE™ cold room units.

The customer had an urgent need for additional cold storage space to be enable them with their surge in demand for cold chain logistics.

With two complexes of two 40ft refrigeration units already inside their building, the pharma logistics business requested delivery of an additional four POLARºSTORE™ units. 

Two 20ft and two 40 ft POLARºSTORE™ units have been delivered and installed, to be used both inside and outside their facility, expanding cold storage capacity by more than 20 percent.

Charles Dawson, International Development Director at Dawsongroup | global, said:

“‘Our POLARºSTORE™ cold room units are being integrated into our European business and this is a perfect example of the ease at which they are delivered and installed. The cold stores can be delivered as a single unit, built as a modular solution and are ideal for quickly providing a bolt on solution where additional temperature-controlled environments are required, as in this case.

By hiring the units, there is the ability to maximise capacity, without large capital outlay on expensive equipment and assets. Our French business, Modulfroid, offers full service and maintenance too, so businesses can get the extra temperature-controlled solution they need supported by a well-established team of experts 24/7.” 

A spokesperson for the pharma logistics provider said:

“We have been impressed with the professionalism and service provided by the team at Modulfroid. Being able to hire the POLARºSTORE™ units at short notice has increased our cold storage capacity by more than 20 per cent.”

In addition to the POLARºSTORE™ units, three 44 euro pallet capacity cold stores and a 220 euro pallet capacity widespan modular building, all with temperature capabilities to store at -20°C, have been ordered from Dawsongroup stock and are due to be delivered next month.

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